Meira Ellias, LCSW-C, TCTSY-F


Meira received her Master’s degree in clinical social work from Columbia University. Meira believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship. Her approach to therapy begins with forming mutual trust. She believes this foundation of support empowers clients to explore their past and analyze their environment. Meira is an ally for clients as they seek to identify and understand the nature of their behavioral and relational patterns, and she works hand-in-hand with clients to develop and work toward goals.

Before joining the Healthy Foundations Group, Meira was the supervising social worker at the only in-patient psychiatric hospital in the Washington D.C. area to focus on trauma and dissociative disorders. In that role, Meira provided clinical therapy to adult survivors of trauma, including childhood and relationship-based abuse. She has worked with clients exhibiting a range of behaviors, including depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and various forms of self-harm. Meira also has experience helping people cope with grief and loss. She provided therapy to hospice patients and their families, including work with pediatric hospice patients. Meira has a deep interest in the societal impacts of abuse, and has published and spoken on issues related to abuse in the Jewish community.

Meira graduated from the 300 hour Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) program in the spring of 2019 which allows Meira the ability to offer TCTSY in individual or group settings as an adjunct trauma treatment. More information about TCTSY can be found at 

Meira offers two groups through the Heartwood Program: New Babies Parent Process Group, and Parenting Through Trauma: Support Group. More information on these groups may also be found on our Services page. Meira's groups are available to adult clients that fit the criterion for each group respectively.

Meira looks forward to connecting with you and joining you on your therapeutic journey.