Adolescent (13-18 years) DBT Program


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based practice that evolved from the efforts of Marsha Linehan. DBT is composed of specific interventions aimed at supporting those who struggle with extreme emotional dysregulation to lead a safe, emotionally healthy and meaningful life. Healthy Foundations Group recognizes the overwhelming evidence for the value of DBT in supporting a myriad of emotional and behavioral issues and subsequently developed our program.

The comprehensive program runs with rolling admission. One cycle is 24 weeks and will provide clients with exposure to all DBT skills. The intake process begins with a 30-minute phone consultation consisting of a brief pre-screening and geared toward providing clients with relevant information about DBT and our program. The next step would be an intake appointment. At this session, our therapist will gather background information and provide further information about DBT treatment.

In DBT, we continuously strive to balance acceptance with change. Skills training is integral to DBT therapy and, for adolescents, consists of 5 modules (see below). There is a heavy emphasis on validation within the acceptance modules, and behavioral interventions target the need for change.

This program is appropriate for adolescents struggling with:
Chronic thoughts of suicide
Non-suicidal self injury
Borderline Personality Disorder
Emotional Dysregulation
Mood Swings

Individual skills training
Group Skills Training
Parent Group
Parent Coaching
DBT Informed Therapy

DBT Modules:
Module 1: Distress Tolerance
Module 2: Walking the Middle Path
Module 3: Emotion Regulation
Module 4: Interpersonal Effectiveness
Module 5: Mindfulness


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