Gender Wellness Clinic

The Heartwood Program is pleased to offer an interdisciplinary clinic  providing support, education, and resources to adolescents and families who are traversing the extraordinary path of gender exploration. In a world that is governed by labels and categories, our team provides a space that is open, inclusive, and flexible. To ensure that each individual and family’s unique needs are understood, we will meet with you and provide our recommendations for next steps.
Our adolescent and parent groups offer longitudinal support, and we have established relationships with experts in the community that allow us to provide support and referral when appropriate. As your child learns more about themselves, we hope to partner with you in protecting their health and well-being.
This clinic serves adolescents ages 13-18 who may:

-identify as trans, gender nonconforming, gender queer, or nonbinary
-have questions about their own gender identity
-have gender dysphoria

Description of Services

Interdisciplinary Evaluation: a comprehensive assessment of your child and your family’s needs as it relates to gender development and identity. Two clinicians (a therapist and a physician) will participate in the evaluation to ensure there is a multimodal approach and to be able to provide recommendations for next steps at the end of the evaluation.
Adolescent Process Group: In process group, participants share their struggles and seek support and insight from other trans and non-binary peers. It is a safe place to experiment with being vulnerable about gender and broader teen issues as well as take social risks that ultimately lead to greater feelings of acceptance. Process group is also a place for participants to address dynamics in the group. Therapists guide participants around how to examine feelings as they arise, and to express them in affirming ways so that they can learn about themselves in relation to others.
Parent Support Group: We are pleased to offer a resource to parents of children and adolescents who are trans-gender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary. To support you and your child as you navigate this journey, we are hosting a parent group aimed at providing both support and education. This group will complement our adolescent process group but will also encompass topics that address the lifespan. Our hope is to provide a safe space to ask questions, process feelings, and learn from peers and experts.

The group will be held every other week, and experts from the community will be invited to join the discussion and offer guidance. From the biological basis of gender identity to advocating for equal access in public spaces, the breadth of topics will be wide with participants guiding the depth to which they are explored.

Have questions or to request an an intake: Fill out our Service Requests Form or call us at (301) 970-4099.