Intensive Outpatient Services Program

Here at the Heartwood Program, we take special care in designing a personal intensive outpatient program for each of our clients. During the intake process, we take the time to truly get to know you and your needs. From there, providers are able to best serve you through a variety of group therapy and individual sessions.

Individual and group sessions can cover:
-Executive Functioning Skills
-Grief and Recovery



Gender Wellness Clinic

The Gender Wellness Clinic offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary evaluation of the client and family to provide quality support as you navigate your personal journey towards the best sense of self and for overall well-being.



Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is composed of specific interventions aimed at supporting those who struggle with extreme emotional dysregulation to lead a safe, emotionally healthy and meaningful life. The Heartwood Program recognizes the overwhelming evidence for the value of DBT in supporting a myriad of emotional and behavioral issues and subsequently developed our program.



Heartwood Hangout

Heartwood Program provides, on an open enrollment basis, Art Therapy and Process groups for high school aged students who would benefit from group therapy. This level of care, delivered weekday afternoons after school, provides a supportive and open environment for teens that fosters interpersonal growth.




Educational Services

The Heartwood Program offers a variety of educational services to best fit the individual needs of each client. Our in-house specialists offer a wide range services that include college counseling, study groups, and tutoring opportunities.




Vocational Training Services

The Heartwood Program offers services geared towards helping individuals thrive as they enter the workforce. Our vocational specialist works with teenagers and young adults to provide them with the tools needed to be successful at their job.




Parents Process Group

Becoming a parent can be filled with mixed emotions. It’s a time of joy and discovery, but it can also be isolating and exhausting, and often triggers mental health issues and other challenges. The purpose of this process group is to provide a safe and supportive environment for parents with new babies (ages two weeks to one year).





Adult Process Group

The Heartwood Program is offering an open process group for young adults ages 20-30 who would benefit from weekly group therapy focused on examining unsatisfactory life patterns, forming healthier relationships, improving communication, becoming independent adults, and enhancing their social skills.




Parenting Through Trauma: Support Group

The purpose of this group is to provide a safe and supportive space for adults who experienced childhood trauma and have since taken on the unique challenges of parenthood.  The group will focus on lending support around the difficulties of parenting and navigating family relationships as you work to create connections and insights into how childhood experiences continue to impact your day to day life.

Have questions or to fill out an intake: Fill out our Service Request Form or call us at (301)-969-2279.