Maddison Pezzelle, LMSW

Maddison Pezzelle, LMSW

Maddison received her master’s degree in clinical social work from Columbia University School of Social Work.

Her approach is warm and supportive, and she believes in the power of helping clients put words to their thoughts, feelings, and emotions during their therapeutic journey, as clients begin to understand relational patterns in their lives. Her approach includes focusing on creating goals together that access resilience and increase a sense of safety and presence in self and relationships.

Prior to joining Healthy Foundations Group, Maddison has worked with clients at various levels of care including outpatient therapy and specialized inpatient hospital programs with a focus on trauma informed care. Her previous experience in various roles in behavioral health informs her current practice, which emphasizes the healing power of the therapeutic alliance. Maddison believes that trust and safety in therapy leads to empowerment and healing.

Maddison has worked with survivors of trauma and people who experience a range of mental health symptoms and behaviors, including adolescent and adult clients who experience anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, symptoms of PTSD and dissociation, and various forms of self-harm.

Maddison enjoys painting, making time to connect with nature, and relaxing with her cat. She appreciates a good cup of coffee and encourages involvement in activities that bring comfort, joy, and balance to one’s life.