The Heartwood Program offers substance use support groups for both adults (18-70+) and adolescents (14-17). Our substance use support groups provide a safe space for individuals to focus on examining unsatisfactory life patterns surrounding their substance use, forming healthier relationships, improving communication, enhancing social skills, and improving daily living. 

Enrollment and Participation
Enrollment is rolling, and the groups will take place in person at our offices in Bethesda.
Adolescent group: Thursdays 4-5pm
Adult group: Tuesdays from 6-7pm 

Is This The Right Group For You?
The adult and adolescent Substance Use Support Groups are best fit for clients seeking an abstinence-based recovery path.
The groups are suitable for individuals dealing with various challenges, including but not limited to: 

  • Substance Use Disorder
  • Managing or Controlling the Frequency and/or Amount of Substances Taken 
  • Depression Contributed By or in Conjunction With Substance Use 
  • Anxiety Contributed By or in Conjunction With Substance Use 
  • Self-Defeating Behaviors 
  • Low Self-Esteem 
  • Communication and Relationships 
  • Distress Tolerance 
  • Managing Conflict 
  • Coping with Life Situations 
  • Family, Work, and/or Financial Distress 

Screening and Intake Process
What to Expect: 

  • Schedule Your Screening: Please complete our Service Request Form or call us at 301-970-4099 to schedule your 30-minute screening today. 
  • Admission: During the 30-minute screening, individuals will be invited to join and participate within the group, based upon clinical recommendation by the group facilitators. Information on when and how to join your first group will be provided to you at the screening.
  • Complete Paperwork: Upon admission to the Substance Use Support Group, you will be provided with patient portal access, where you will find intake paperwork to be completed. **Please complete all intake paperwork prior to your first group session.
  • Join Us! After you’ve been admitted to the group and have completed your intake paperwork, you will be provided with a start date and an outline for your individualized treatment plan. We look forward to working with you!

Meet Our Group Facilitators


Brianna Hurwitz, LCSW-C
Substance Use Disorder Specialist

Kevin Nicastro, AYT
Substance Use Disorder Specialist

Tori Kerr, AYT
Substance Use Disorder Specialist

Austin Hill, LMSW
Substance Use Disorder Specialist

Chris D’Arpa, LMSW
Substance Use Specialist

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