High School Sexual Assault Support Group

Dealing with the aftermath of sexual trauma is a complex and difficult process. Many survivors of sexual assault and/or sexual abuse continue to experience emotional struggles despite having gained an understanding of their trauma. Impairment in attachment capacities paired with avoidant tendencies make it difficult for survivors to connect with others.  Group therapy, supplemented by individual therapy, is an effective treatment for survivors of sexual trauma that provides a unique opportunity to restore social connections while addressing the short-term and long-term impacts of trauma. Group participants experience a sense of commonality and belonging. Group therapy can also reduce feelings of shame and alienation, and foster self-esteem, self-affirmation and increase feelings of safety and self-worth.

This group is best suitable for trauma survivors who are in the stage of trauma processing and recovery and is most beneficial as an adjunction to individual therapy.

The group meets weekly on Wednesdays at 5pm. This is an open group which new members can join at any time. Following an initial screening evaluation by the group leader, individuals are invited to join and participate within the group.

This group currently accepts girls ages 15-18.